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Google While most people seem to be rooting for Android to make its debut and bridge the gap between phones and netbooks, apparently there are a few who, for varied reasons, think Android ought stay away from netbooks and stick to what it knows best: smartphones.
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"Consumers Want Windows"
by Michael on Wed 17th Jun 2009 19:53 UTC
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That's an argument against everything else, Ubuntu included. I don't think it's an argument that many people here would have a great deal of sympathy for. Certainly I can understand that people want Windows but that's not enough reason to abandon exploring alternatives.

The second argument - that Android's browser is sub-par - seems short sighted. The current crop of applications is designed for phones. Surely Google must have an Android build of Chrome just waiting in the wings for a machine with the muscle to run it?

Frankly I'm a little miffed that people have largely given up on the idea of having something other than Windows on netbooks. That said, I'm writing this from XP on my netbook. But there's really only one reason for that - Flash video. It struggles under Windows but it curls up and dies on other OSs. And right now it's all over the web.

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