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Google While most people seem to be rooting for Android to make its debut and bridge the gap between phones and netbooks, apparently there are a few who, for varied reasons, think Android ought stay away from netbooks and stick to what it knows best: smartphones.
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Live and let live
by DetunizedGravity on Wed 17th Jun 2009 21:30 UTC
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I just don't understand people who keep making this kind of argument ("why do they waste they time since *I* am sure Android is not fit for netbooks?").

People try and port Android to other hardware architectures or to other markets because... Whatever. They may think it can serve purpose unknown to you. It may just be the challenge. It may just be out of boredom or curiosity. They have their own legitimate reasons, which no one has real legitimacy to challenge since they are not stated in this OSNews article, and they do what they want of their (free) time.

Some may have a hard time imagining Android being useful on a netbook? Well, let them blame their lack of imagination. Who can tell today what shape Android will take once adapted to the netbook microcosm? We're talking open source, here! How can one preemptively judge something one doesn't know the future of? I also think that blaming any other than one's own subordinates for not directing their energy at something one would find useful is nothing but a display of pretentiousness in the considered context.

I don't have a netbook, and may not ever have one. So I will not work at porting Android to netbooks. Still, I am curious of what will come out of it, and will welcome the unavoidable improvements and knowledge this effort will bring to the Linux, netbook, and Android communities and code bases at large. I would not want to discourage that in any way.

As I was told when I was a child, "even if YOU don't like it, don't cause disgust to others" (literally translated from French, sorry).

As it is reported here, I have absolutely NO incentive to read the original article. If I had the feeling that it was intended to nurture discussions about where to go regarding Android on netbooks and how to get there then I would have found it interesting. As it is, I think it's sterile.

Then again, who am I to judge? Am I not having towards this kind of articles the very same attitude its author has towards Android on Netbook?

*sigh* Life can get so complicated at times... 2147 characters an I eventually shoot myself in the foot. I'd better go to bed, I guess. ;)

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