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Intel Personally, I've always been very confused by Intel's processor branding. Core Duo and Core Solo were pretty straightforward, but not long after we were dealing with Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad, which is anything but marketing friendly. Apparently, Intel agrees with us and has announced a fairly massive branding overhaul.
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Call me when you turn Risc Mrs Intel
by Disruptor on Thu 18th Jun 2009 10:33 UTC
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Are these guys kidding? After all the fiascos surrounding Intel with the lack of open specs regarding processor optimizations (only Icc can utilize 90%+ of an Intel's processor capabilities - the rest are sitting at a mere 30% at best), the corruption of OEMs to lock out AMD, the moronic changes in MB-sockets every 6 months, the circus of even more moronic processor bugs, stupid design decisions and eratas and most of all the repugnant CISC architecture which sits in the pantheon of dead-horses that are getting flogged back to life just to haunt the computing industry one year after the other ... Are all these supposed to be written off the history record with a ... name change? You can fool some ppl sometimes but you cant fool all the people all the times.

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