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Window Managers "samurai-x is a highly modular and configurable, next generation framework window manager for X. It is written in pure python utilising ctypes. samurai-x is targeted at people wishing to experiment with desktop programming and people who want more control over their desktop (without having to code in C)." Version 0.2 has been released recently.
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Fear of programming in C?
by theosib on Thu 18th Jun 2009 13:57 UTC
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I'm trying to decide if this is just because people don't want to take the time to learn to program C, or if in fact the amount of work a window manager has to do is so little that using an interpreted language is actually BETTER because it's more maintainable.

I know C, C++, Java, and lots of other compiled languages. Professionally, I even write quite a lot of Verilog. But honestly, if I could get a Ruby compiler that produced code that performed half as fast as what I can get out of C or C++, I'd do everything in Ruby. It just takes so much less time to code and debug.

And don't tell me about YARV. Going from an interpreted parse tree to interpreted bytecode may speed things up a bit SOMETIMES, but it's nowhere near natively compiled. And don't tell me you can't compile dynamic languages. They don't seem to have that problem with Self.

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