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Window Managers "samurai-x is a highly modular and configurable, next generation framework window manager for X. It is written in pure python utilising ctypes. samurai-x is targeted at people wishing to experiment with desktop programming and people who want more control over their desktop (without having to code in C)." Version 0.2 has been released recently.
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My 2 cents.
by clarks on Thu 18th Jun 2009 15:03 UTC
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I'm not trying to knock the reason behind this window manager. What I don't understand is why is it that the wheel keeps on being reinvented over and over again? If you are going to create a new window manager, why not create something that deviates away from the traditional desktop and use it as an experiment to create something that is more intuitive than panels that run across the top and bottom of one's screen. I am not saying that I have such the idea, I'm just saying that the constant reinventing is just pointless. This is especially true if the cost outweigh the benefits. In reference to samurai, I'm not saying that the cost outweigh the benefit. I'm just saying that there should be something that it does that makes it feel different from all other window managers. Flame On!!!

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