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Apple Today, Apple officially released version 3.0 of its iPhone operating system, a Mac OS X derivative for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It comes packed with a whole boatload of improvements and changes, so it's sure worth it to upgrade your iPhone or Touch.
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RE: Linux tethering
by daveak on Thu 18th Jun 2009 21:33 UTC in reply to "Linux tethering"
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You don't need itunes for tethering to work, if your carrier hasn't enabled tethering then there are hacked carrier files floating around the internet that you can (or at least could up until a late beta) of itunes import which would then enabled tethering on the phone, from then on it is just a normal bluetooth network connection, no itunes required.

As well as using itunes I also believe there is a site which you can visit on your phone which will let you download hacked carrier files.

The alternative it to go through the proper channels with your network to enable tethering (hope they don't suck like O2)

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