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Hardware, Embedded Systems Currently, there's a lot of hype around Android on ARM-based netbooks, a type of netbook arriving later this year. However, despite the obvious choice for Android and other Linux systems, NVIDIA has openly stated their preference for... Windows CE. ARM and Asus are also quite sceptical about Android on ARM netbooks.
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A message to NVidia
by thelastdodo on Thu 18th Jun 2009 22:57 UTC
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There is a difference between Linux and Ubuntu. Linux is a kernel, Ubuntu is a distribution. So blaming the kernel for the failure of Xandros is a bit of a stretch !

Ok there are still compatibility issues (even though I killed my last issue by buying a new linux-friendly webcam) but I am not sure that Windows CE is all that better in terms of printing and stuff...I mean does it work???

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