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Hardware, Embedded Systems Currently, there's a lot of hype around Android on ARM-based netbooks, a type of netbook arriving later this year. However, despite the obvious choice for Android and other Linux systems, NVIDIA has openly stated their preference for... Windows CE. ARM and Asus are also quite sceptical about Android on ARM netbooks.
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Simple: nVidia hates Linux
by theosib on Fri 19th Jun 2009 02:24 UTC
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nVidia are a very secretive company. They guard their trade secrets with steel bars. Thus, Linux, with constant demands from users to release documentation, have been a thorn in nVidia's side since day one. They hate Linux with a passion and want to see it die.

The only reason they bother to release binary drivers is to shut up the vast majority of Linux users who are content with "good enough", who wouldn't be interested in writing device drivers if they had the opportunity. Now, nVidia only has to deal with a much smaller minority of "whiners" who, from nVidia's perspective, would still be unhappy, even if they did release full chipset documentation.

Interestingly, nVidia's binary drivers are reportedly not nearly as bad as ATI's. Even ATI's most recent Linux drivers are rife with bugs that cause system crashed and data corruption. Fortunately, ATI has wisened up and release documentation, and the Free ATI drivers have gotten to the point where they're really quite usable.

For those who are interested in taking this a step further, google "Open Graphics Project." Their FPGA board is ready to be built, and they've started work on their rendering engine.

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