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Internet Explorer With Internet Explorer 8 out the door, Microsoft is trying to capitalise on its latest browser release with a marketing campaign outlining several benefits Internet Explorer 8 supposedly has over Chrome and Firefox. The campaign is titled "Get the facts", so I guess most of you will know what will come.
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The pure fact
by MajorTom on Fri 19th Jun 2009 05:56 UTC
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The pure fact: I developped a site, pretty heavy on Javascript.

Works perfectly on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera (and anything that uses Gecko and WebKit) – on any platform you can imagine that has an implementation of Gecko, WebKit (even KHTML) or Opera.

Fails in a ridiculous way under any version of IE. I know IE's DOM is different from the others. I could make it work on IE. It would take me two months to do so, cluttering my code, with browser checks.

The fact: IE still can't talk the same language as the other browsers.

Happily it's an academic project and the "bosses" don't give a shit about IE. Nobody uses it in the lab.

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