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Windows Despite the generally positive reception of Windows 7 so far, there will still be many people who will want to stick to Windows XP. For these people, downgrade rights are particularly important, and Microsoft has confirmed the rules of the game to El Reg.
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RE[3]: *grabs Popcorn...*
by boblowski on Fri 19th Jun 2009 16:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: *grabs Popcorn...*"
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I some times wonder in my moments of conspiracy theory thinking that all this hype is orchestrated by Microsoft - notice all the new accounts that have suddenly started to appear on in the last 1-2 months? not just a couple of extras but a whole swarm of people suddenly signing up; I've noticed that in a number of forums I've been part of for quite some time - a suddenly upsurge in registrations followed by rampant Windows 7 pushing by these new users.

Astroturfing is the word you're looking for:

Canon is another company that likes to use it as a marketing strategy. You can say a lot about Microsoft, but their marketing department is top notch.

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