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Internet & Networking The relationship between the United States government and ICANN, the private non-profit corporation which oversees the assignment of domain names, has often been a thorn in the eyes of the European Union. A recent document issued by the European Commission again advocates a change in internet oversight - but at the same time, the document also states that ICANN has actually been doing a pretty good job.
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RE: UN Oversight?
by Radio on Sat 20th Jun 2009 18:24 UTC in reply to "UN Oversight?"
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Well, the US Federal Gov is not very efficient either - the only thing more hated than G.W.Bush by the end of his second term is the US Congress, according to polls. Maybe we should ask the Nederlands to take over? Or Switzerland? Norway? Nigeria?

The UN solution is the one making sense, politically speaking, but yeah, I know it is also a diplomatic trap.
Maybe the UNESCO.

Or an alliance of the CERN and a few other academic/scientific organisations around the world. Y'know, "back to the roots" (the internet & hypertext as a mean of scientific collaboration).

Anyway, the EU is not (openly) pushing for gaining direct control over the internet. It is better to do it know, especially since the contract is coming to its end, rather than when there will be a problem and we'll see a diplomatic war & bargaining during a period of international tension. Let's do it before the governments everywhere wake up and decide internet is a major nuisance (today Iran, tomorrow, it could be you! Think the equivalent of 2000 botched American Presidential Election spanning countrywide protests).

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