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OSNews, Generic OSes Software moves on at a break-neck pace these days--version numbers clock up ever quicker as vendors try to market their apps as the latest and greatest. Software generally ages badly, falling into a state of looking grossly out of date, lacking new functionality that we've come to depend upon as well as compatibility problems. Dear OSNews readers, what old software (5+ years) do you still use, why, and what problems do you come across in sticking with it? Read More for my own contribution to the list
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Windows 2000 Professional and Server
by DREVILl30564 on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 12:59 UTC
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Does this count?

Some of the servers I manage are still running windows 2000 on them. It still does a great job for what the systems are being used for. I was one of the ones who won a free copy of windows 2000 professional in the prelaunch contest that microsoft had before it was released to the public. I ran it as my main OS on my home computer up until around the time Windows XP SP1 came out. I'm still using it on some of my older systems at home. I hate that Microsoft has pretty much pulled the plug on support for it. I still enjoy using it, and it's comfortable for me.

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