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BeOS & Derivatives With Google Summer of Code underway for the Haiku project, the first results start coming in. The most exciting so far is the work being done on a native multi-process WebKit browser, worked on by Ryan Leavengood and GSoC student Maxime Simon. They've got an interface, and they've got most of WebKit to build.
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Naming + add-ons
by v_bobok on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 20:42 UTC
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When the naming issue appears, I will vote for new generation's "NetPositive" brand, sir! ;)

Oh, speaking about native software. I do want those nice add-ons support too, which was a great thing back to the glorious BeOS days. And, btw, Mozilla-way to manage add-ons/plugins is very well & easy to use (not through developer's perspective of course, but from the point of ordinary user).

Thanks again, guys. Haiku progress is so exciting right now, but you're know it, more than anyone else ;)

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