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Podcasts Every week we have the creeping feeling that our lack of expertise in some areas is working against us and soon we are to be set upon by an amassed army of geeks armed with 'torches and pitchforks' for forgetting a fact here and a name there and confusing x86-64 with ia64. This week we can't avoid the ignorance as we have to discuss Android and Windows CE on netbooks, Opera Unite and then wade through Microsoft's "Get the Facts" campaign, but find sanctuary in something I do know a good deal about - HTML5 video.
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Firefox (possible Chrome) and MSI
by Lennie on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 23:16 UTC
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I could be wrong, but I have the idea that with MSI the browser isn't able to do automatic updates.

They might be afraid corporations will hold back updates, because you depend on the system administrator to push the updates.

This could be the reason why they don't do it officially.

Although I haven't seen any Mozilla people mention this in the feature-requests in Bugzilla.

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