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OSNews, Generic OSes Software moves on at a break-neck pace these days--version numbers clock up ever quicker as vendors try to market their apps as the latest and greatest. Software generally ages badly, falling into a state of looking grossly out of date, lacking new functionality that we've come to depend upon as well as compatibility problems. Dear OSNews readers, what old software (5+ years) do you still use, why, and what problems do you come across in sticking with it? Read More for my own contribution to the list
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Big list...
by malxau on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 02:27 UTC
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Let's see...

1. Visual C++ 6 (uses MSVCRT.DLL, enabling small/compact apps that don't require install)
2. Windows 2000 (relatively fast, clear/professional UI)
3. Quake 3
4. Gimp 1.2.5 (GTK 1 is cleaner/faster than what followed, and Gimp was functional enough back then)
5. Acrobat 5.x (Huge plugin loadtime in 6.x, "Do you want Javascript with that?" in have to wonder)
6. Office 2003 (as opposed to the UI from hell)
7. StarOffice 7 (smaller/faster, and not seeing good reasons to upgrade)
8. FVWM (no new releases because it's already perfect)
9. Half Life 1 (awesome gameplay with lousy technology beats the other way every time)

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