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OSNews, Generic OSes Software moves on at a break-neck pace these days--version numbers clock up ever quicker as vendors try to market their apps as the latest and greatest. Software generally ages badly, falling into a state of looking grossly out of date, lacking new functionality that we've come to depend upon as well as compatibility problems. Dear OSNews readers, what old software (5+ years) do you still use, why, and what problems do you come across in sticking with it? Read More for my own contribution to the list
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Wordstar 7
by iarann on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 13:27 UTC
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I am still using Wordstar 7d for all personal writing. These days though I have to run it in Dosbox, and created two scripts so I can still be compatible with other word processors (though oddly enough WordPerfect still will import from the Wordstar 7 format). The First script will automatically convert anything I save to rtf using the converter that comes with the application. The second script automatically takes the postscript file I print and produces a PDF. Nothing elegant or exciting, but I've been using it for so many years now I don't see the point in switching. Writing is still writing, and other than layout features I don't see anything special about any newer word processors. One thing most people don't know is that writers aren't supposed to do layout, so a lot off those fancy new features in Word are useless if you aren't making fliers or company newsletters.

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