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Hardware, Embedded Systems The NPD group has done a study into customer satisfaction among netbook buyers, and they came to some surprisingly unsurprising results. As it turns out, people who expected a notebook when they bought a netbook were more likely to be disappointed than buyers who set out to buy a netbook from the get-go. No doodoo, Sherlock.
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Netbooks are not notebooks ..
by GenBlood on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 14:13 UTC
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Netbooks like the Asus EEE PC series and Acer Aspire One
series are designed for low end. Mostly used for surfing
the net, email and some times for editing documents.
Most likely people are getting the wrong information
or really don't under stand the difference between
a notebook and a netbook. That's why people
are disappointed with the netbook. They where expecting
it to perform like a notebook an it doesn't. They where
expecting it to play games and do others things like
editing photos.

I own a Asus EEE pc 900 and a HP laptop. My laptop
is a high end version that preforms just as good as my
desktop. I only use my netbook to surf the net and
read or send email. I use my laptop to do all my
other stuff my netbook can't do.

I still prefer a desktop system over a laptop. They
have better selection for graphics and other hardware

Bottom line people need to read reviews and do better
research when selecting a netbook.

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