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Hardware, Embedded Systems The NPD group has done a study into customer satisfaction among netbook buyers, and they came to some surprisingly unsurprising results. As it turns out, people who expected a notebook when they bought a netbook were more likely to be disappointed than buyers who set out to buy a netbook from the get-go. No doodoo, Sherlock.
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RE[2]: Main Machine
by Kancept on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 18:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Main Machine"
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I have the HD screen, and I love it. Major improvement over the SD screen. My Dell had the 1024x600, and there really is a difference onsite when you use the 1366x768 on my HD screen.

When I get home, I do plug my mini into my 20" screen and use both screens. Works great.

The reason I bought the 2140 is that now they do use the 1.6 Atom like my mini did, so overall, I see no performance difference, even the HD in this vs. the SSD in my mini9. Because I have it laying around though, I may put in a 320GB 7200 before too long. But seriously, the 160GB 5400 in it works fine.

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