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Mozilla & Gecko clones Last week, OSNews reported on a letter I had wrote to Mozilla complaining of a JavaScript dependant HTML5 video example they had published. The letter caused a great deal of stir and Mozilla have replied by publishing a new example that does not rely upon JavaScript to see the video. Secondly, Mozilla have actually used Video for Everybody for their "What's new in Firefox 3.5" page! A big win for HTML5 video across the web!
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RE[2]: Hooray for Kroc
by weildish on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 19:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Hooray for Kroc"
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Yeah, I'm hoping it'll work on Chromium soon as well. It doesn't support Flash either, but I'm assuming that'll change eventually, and I'm sure HTML5 will soon work well, too. The site linked on Kroc's page ("incredible examples--" is functional for about ten seconds on Chromium, but then it, too, causes the entire browser to freeze. Works great in Chrome, though (even Chrome 2-- I just looked and I'm using Chrome on my Windows partition of my netbook). Most other websites seem to load perfectly in Chromium, though.

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