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Hardware, Embedded Systems IBM has built a new sort of supercomputer that is not only more energy-efficient than supercomputers cooled traditionally with air-conditioning, but the excess heat from the computer can be used afterwards to heat a building. Water siphons off the heat via tubes and small capillaries that take the liquid very near to the chips, cooling it at 60 degrees Celsius. IBM says that the new supercomputer design, which they call "Aquasar," will reduce overall energy consumption by 40 percent as well as 30 tons of carbon dioxide. The heating function of the system will only help reduce heating costs a little, but it has some very promising applications in the future.
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Heat from CRTs
by weildish on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 20:11 UTC
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I still own two CRT monitors, and those are enough to heat my study to an uncomfortable degree in the dead of winter. I'd hate to think of what an entire supercomputer would do to the temperature (assuming it could fit in the room).

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