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Hardware, Embedded Systems The NPD group has done a study into customer satisfaction among netbook buyers, and they came to some surprisingly unsurprising results. As it turns out, people who expected a notebook when they bought a netbook were more likely to be disappointed than buyers who set out to buy a netbook from the get-go. No doodoo, Sherlock.
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I have a 10" EEEpc, and while it's ok, there's a lot wrong with it. A few problems are: huge screen bezel (IBM managed to make full-lid sized screens back in 1996), crappy mouse buttons and a generally crappy trackpad, dumb Fn key in the wrong place, bottom-pointing speakers (for gawds sake, why???), Linux battery life is approx 1hr less than on XP (not the EEE's fault though), abysmally slow HD access speed (I have the SSD/CF card version), and a built-in webcam I don't want. I'd also prefer 4:3 ratio to 16:10 or 16:9, but apparently I'm the only one who doesn't use their laptop for passively consuming video. Reviews also claimed it to be silent, but I can still hear the fan. Like most Atom based boards, the CPU can cool passively, but the crappy chipset needs a fan - a tiny, high-pitched one.

It's usable, but I plan to ebay it as soon as a decent ARM netbook comes out.

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