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Graphics, User Interfaces The Engineering 7 weblog has an item about the improvements made in the ClearType font rendering technology which has been included in Windows since Windows XP. While I won't go too deeply into that post, I did figure it was a good opportunity to talk about font antialiasing in general; which type do you prefer?
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by kaiwai on Wed 24th Jun 2009 07:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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Have a look at the different weight of the i's in "Spirit of Summer", and anywhere else with a bit of verticality to it, look at the l's in "All". Along with the occasional collisions of characters, there's that sort of sandpapered look to the text when you see a block of it, as if some of the letters have been partially obscured or rubbed away. For example, in "Clapton" the C and t look like a different weight to the rest of the name.

Oh, come on, what a load of horse crap - I've just spent a good 15 minutes with my face up against the screen scanning the photo working out what the hell you're going on about - show me exactly where it is - because none of what you say exists except maybe in your mind.

Honestly, you're as bad as those Windows zealots who would look at Freetype and make up artifacts simply to bolster their position rather than accepting that rendering wasn't so bad as to burn their eyes.

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