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Window Managers We're all pretty much versed in the worlds of GNOME, KDE, and to a lesser degree, Xfce, and while there are lots of alternatives, none of the smaller ones really seem to gain much traction beyond their fans. An exception is LXDE, a small and resource efficient desktop environment.
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RE: Anyone else remember when...
by Isolationist on Wed 24th Jun 2009 14:44 UTC in reply to "Anyone else remember when..."
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XFCE was "small and resource efficient"?

XFCE is still small and resource efficient in IMHO, particularly in comparision to the other DEs like Gnome and KDE.

It certainly starts up fast and provides a responsive desktop that doesn't consume too much in the way of memory and cpu power. Also, the source code is fairly small, and doesn't have too many dependencies so is easy to compile.

I think some people mistakenly think XFCE is slow, without realising they are loading the Gnome or KDE libs during the startup as part of their restored session.

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