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Window Managers We're all pretty much versed in the worlds of GNOME, KDE, and to a lesser degree, Xfce, and while there are lots of alternatives, none of the smaller ones really seem to gain much traction beyond their fans. An exception is LXDE, a small and resource efficient desktop environment.
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Two ways of looking at efficiency
by cookieninja on Wed 24th Jun 2009 18:36 UTC
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I'm slightly amused by references to bloat and obsessions with how much RAM and other resources an application uses.

I think there's 2 ways of looking at "efficiency":

1. Efficient in use. Focusing on lower requirements in order to run software.

2. Efficient development - when "bloat" occurs in order to produce software that is quicker to develop and easier to maintain, because the alternative would have meant a slower introduction of enhancements and and taking longer to fix bugs.

I think the ideal is getting the balance between those two kinds of efficiency, although obviously how well that balance has been struck is a personal opinion rather than an objective thing.

Some people seem to think that the first definition is the only one, but it really is not.

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