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Hardware, Embedded Systems IBM has built a new sort of supercomputer that is not only more energy-efficient than supercomputers cooled traditionally with air-conditioning, but the excess heat from the computer can be used afterwards to heat a building. Water siphons off the heat via tubes and small capillaries that take the liquid very near to the chips, cooling it at 60 degrees Celsius. IBM says that the new supercomputer design, which they call "Aquasar," will reduce overall energy consumption by 40 percent as well as 30 tons of carbon dioxide. The heating function of the system will only help reduce heating costs a little, but it has some very promising applications in the future.
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RE[3]: 60C???
by Drumhellar on Wed 24th Jun 2009 20:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 60C???"
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Did you actually read any of those links?

The fluctuations in the solar cycle impacts Earth’s global temperature by about 0.1 degree Celsius

The numbers in the NASA study account for about 14% of the global rise in temperatures, based on the numbers cited in wikipedia's global warming article. Also, that article cites DailyTech, and not the actual Goddard study. That's quality, investigative reporting right there.

From the third link,
We found that the likely culprit was a major drop in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially CO2."

CO2 does not lower temperatures. The page says in a couple places the drop in temperature was caused by a reduction in CO2. That is quite the opposite of your statement that CO2 lowers temperatures. Again, did you actually read the article?

As for the fourth link, well, to say that a 150 year trend was ended by one cold winter is stupid. You can't say an 150 year trend has ended because of one cold winter. By the way, in my neck of the woods, snowfall was actually quite a bit lower than normal for the third year in row, further worsening my region's latest drought conditions.

And as for Fox News, well, they are such a worthless news organization, especially when it comes to science. They would report the sky was purple if the Republican party said it was so, and anybody who says the sky is blue are only supporting terrorists by their treasonous, anti-American statements.

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