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OSNews, Generic OSes Software moves on at a break-neck pace these days--version numbers clock up ever quicker as vendors try to market their apps as the latest and greatest. Software generally ages badly, falling into a state of looking grossly out of date, lacking new functionality that we've come to depend upon as well as compatibility problems. Dear OSNews readers, what old software (5+ years) do you still use, why, and what problems do you come across in sticking with it? Read More for my own contribution to the list
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in work I have to use...
by MYOB on Wed 24th Jun 2009 21:35 UTC
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Theres some relatively recent "old" stuff:
XP/Office 2003, due to none of the customers liking Vista and Office 2007 having very poor Access MDB support
VB6 for working on stuff related to the Access "application" I have to support

Then theres the ancient stuff:
VB3 for working on an even older application thats still in the wild.
Access 2.0 for database work on said application.

Other half of the company have to work with/on a collection of DOS apps dating to 1987 at core and a set of "interesting" Windows GUI frontends to same.

We're screwed when customer start using x64 systems.

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