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Humor If the title didn't cause you to spit up your morning/afternoon drink of preference, perhaps this will: the mouse is specially designed to reduce noise pollution by 22.5 dB so that the precious ears of your fellow office workers or the kids running about your house won't be disturbed. Protect your eardrums from the menace to society (the mouse, of course) for only $30 US.
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by kenji on Thu 25th Jun 2009 19:19 UTC
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I don't get it. Keyboards are FAR noisier than mice.

I have a mechanical switch keyboard just to irritate coworkers and my trackball has a distict 'click' to the buttons.

But in all reality, you would need to work in a very (VERY) quiet office to warrant any kind of complaint from mouse clicks. That would also assume that absolutely no one is typing, talking, coughing, scratching their ass etc.

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