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Apple I'm sorry, but I can't get around it any more. Over the weekend, we had a story in the reputable Wall Street Journal that Steve Jobs had a liver transplant two months ago in a hospital in Tennessee. This story got all over the Apple media - obviously - and was later confirmed by the hospital in question. All the usual questions arose about privacy, Warren Buffet had a remark about it, and so on. Let's get all these stories out of the way in one go.
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@Thom Holwerda
by matej on Thu 25th Jun 2009 20:03 UTC
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I would like to agree with you, but I think it may not have been a good idea of Apple to announce the liver transplantation in advance due to the fact that transplantations mostly involve waiting lists.

Announcing the needed transplantation in advance might both have been an ethically wrong decision *and* might have caused more harm shareholders:

1) Ethically: people (including the media and government agencies) probably would have asked questions why Steve Jobs got a suitable liver so fast (there are more people on the waiting list!). Hence, people might have asked for investigations that would slow down the waiting list process. As a result Steve Jobs would had a greater risk to die.

2) Shareholders value: the related uncertainty of the slower waiting list process and the higher risk for Steve Jobs to die, would have harmed shareholder value a lot more than it did now.

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