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SkyOS Not too long ago, Robert Szeleney put the development of SkyOS on a temporary hold. The challenges in keeping up with the ever-changing world of hardware support were simply too big to continue SkyOS then-current development model. As a result, Szeleney recently came up with the idea of using a Linux or NetBSD kernel as the base for SkyOS. Well, we've got a progress report on that one, and in true Szeleney fashion, a lot of work has already been done.
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Are you kidding?

Firstly, this guy asks for money for a Beta - Come-On! Even Microsoft gives those away for free...

Secondly, this guy promises a free full version - ah, yes, there's a tiny catch: "(...) once available". Aha. Yeah, right. Which millennium are we talking?

Thirdly, in the middle of everything (kinda like "yaddayadda ... coming along great ... blabla") he takes a creative break. Really. What's going on there - is he trying to run a business or get somebody to pay for his hobby? Or maybe he had enough fools pay for the beta, so one day he decided to spend all the money on Austrian wine (so I hope, their beer sucks! Really!) and now he suffered from a tremendous hangover.

And now Lastly, he decides to move over to Linux. Would have been smart in the beginning (where were his senses then? Of course it's nasty to support all the different hardware - even the major player screws up constantly in that field), but then he wanted to sell his idea as a new OS.
Now what are we talking? Yet another Linux window manager with a few extras, yawn.

Dude, I hope all that wine didn't have glycol in it...

So, after all this ranting ... maybe you're right - "greed" may be incorrect! He seems to be more like an ingenious fool, or a foolish genius? Or maybe just a fool who can program like a devil. Who knows.

Cheers (or better: Zum Wohl).

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