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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, that's a bit of a surprise. Palm posted its quarterly financial results today, and as it turns out, the company is actually doing better than expected. Losses were lower than expected, sales were higher than expected, so from whatever way you look at it, the future is looking a little brighter. The quarter ended May 31, so sales of the Pre are not part of this one yet.
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Rough Edges
by ferrels on Fri 26th Jun 2009 12:05 UTC
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I watched and read several reviews of the Palm Pre. I was impressed and I especially liked the fact that it had a real keyboard unlike the iPhone. It had a few rough edges but overall it's a good phone. I had hoped that they'd make the price competitive but it's essentially the same pricing model as that of the iPhone which was disappointing. I'll wait for the second generation model before I get one. I think Palm and iPhone buyers are learning that purchasing the first generation of a device is fraught with risk and problems....just like buying the first generation of a car, it will have some rough edges and some bugs. I liken the first iPhone owners to beta testers for the 3GS model. Palm Pre owners are in the same boat. I'm also glad that the iPhone now has some competition because I'm really tired of hearing the virtues of iPhone.

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