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RE: Re: OO startup time
by aseigo on Tue 27th Sep 2005 18:59 UTC
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> Try making KOffice platform-agnostic, or O2K3
> platform-agnostic, with a consistent user
> experience across all platforms. You'd have to
> write your own platform-agnostic presentation code
> as well, like OOo has had to do, to give a
> consistent look-and-feel.

koffice is already written to a platform agnostic presentation (and more!) set of libraries: Qt and the KDE libraries.

the problem to date has been that there wasn't a Free Software Qt on windows. with Qt4 that problem is gone. there are some X11-isms in the drawing apps in KOffice, but those things are all changeable. KWord, KSpread, KPresenter, Kexi, etc..... they are just waiting on the Windows port of KDE libs. note that Kexi (an MS Access like DB app) actually *already* runs on MS Windows, proving that this method works.

based on Qt4 and KDE4, KOffice 2.0 will have a native Microsoft Windows port and perhaps even a MacOS X port.

OOo is a great short term solution to get us to the next plateau: light weight, feature rich, multi-application, platform independent office suites built on open source desktop frameworks.

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