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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With the Palm Pre out the door, the wait is for the software development kit for the PRe to hit the streets. The Mojo SDK is open for limited testing, but apparently, someone decided to leak the download link, and thanks to the web, the SDK can now be downloaded all over the place.
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I don't believe, sometimes...
by wawrzyn on Sat 27th Jun 2009 23:05 UTC
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Sometimes it looks for me like some companies are using such "leaks" like marketing tools. What's the point of such behavior? I must be to simple guy to follow all these intrigues, high-level strategies... Or I just don't believe in good intentions of any company today.

It doesn't matter if it was "controlled leak" or not. In both scenarios it's bad thing. I'm not happy with that. One option is, that someone really wanted this "leak" for some unknown reason, the other is that someone just make this leak because he is not responsible.

Are you happy with that? I'm not.

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