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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With the Palm Pre out the door, the wait is for the software development kit for the PRe to hit the streets. The Mojo SDK is open for limited testing, but apparently, someone decided to leak the download link, and thanks to the web, the SDK can now be downloaded all over the place.
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RE: I don't believe, sometimes...
by kaiwai on Sun 28th Jun 2009 01:23 UTC in reply to "I don't believe, sometimes..."
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The use of 'leaks' have been used for years; from politics to business the best way to get a 'feel' for how people react to a given idea or product is to 'leak it' so then at least one can quickly distance oneself from the product to save face by claiming it was an incredibly early beta and there is a lot more work to be done (if people complain about flaws in the design (not implementation)) or some other reasoning.

What I think will be the interesting part will be how Palm approach the matter; are they going to come down on enthusiasts like a tonne of bricks (and I call them enthusiasts because I don't see any malicious intent, assuming it was a leak, it speaks for the enthusiasm people have for this new platform) or will they cut to the chase, launch it as a pre-beta, and use it as an opportunity to say how enthusiastic developers are for this new product (which could also help their share price).

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