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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless With the Palm Pre out the door, the wait is for the software development kit for the PRe to hit the streets. The Mojo SDK is open for limited testing, but apparently, someone decided to leak the download link, and thanks to the web, the SDK can now be downloaded all over the place.
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IMO, Palm should openly release the beta version to everybody right away. If it's beta, it means it's not finished yet and everybody understands that. Besides, nothing is ever finished in the computer world, so who cares? That's how Microsoft and the others stay in business, right?

True ;)

But one also has to recognise the difference between interface stability (in the form of API's) and product stability. I'd assume that the reason why they hadn't released it was because WebOS is still undergoing some changes as demonstrated by the quick succession of updates. I'm sure Palm doesn't want to release an SDK only to find that over the next 6 months there will be major interface changes as things settle down and thus leave software developers aiming at a moving target.

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