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PC-BSD A known and usual problem with alternative operating systems is getting them on normal users' desktops. OEMs won't take you seriously until you gain massive traction, and even then your chances are still pretty low. So, iXsystems, PC-BSD's parent company, decided to take matters into its own hands, and has unveiled a PC-BSD workstation, with a PC-BSD laptop under way.
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PCBSD laptop support
by kenji on Mon 29th Jun 2009 22:37 UTC
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I hope this gains some traction. The weakest point of PCBSD (and FreeBSD) is laptop support. I speak of suspend, special keys, sound chips, wireless, bluetooth etc

Maybe now PCBSD will finally be laptop friendly. It has severely crippled functionality on my Thinkpad R61 (PCBSD 7.1).

BTW, those are nice specs on the desktop.

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