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PC-BSD A known and usual problem with alternative operating systems is getting them on normal users' desktops. OEMs won't take you seriously until you gain massive traction, and even then your chances are still pretty low. So, iXsystems, PC-BSD's parent company, decided to take matters into its own hands, and has unveiled a PC-BSD workstation, with a PC-BSD laptop under way.
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Still missing nVidia x64
by CodeMonkey on Tue 30th Jun 2009 03:10 UTC
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Seems a bit pointless to make a beefy system available with hefty graphics when we're still limited to 4GB RAM with the 32 bit nVidia driver. Sure the 64 bit driver is under investigation but it's still a long ways off. These days 64 bit workstations are really becoming necessary as data workloads are demanding > 4GB of RAM. This isn't a function of application bloat either but more so the increasingly large datasets for visualization, simulation, video processing, etc., the sort of things *nix workstations are great for. 32 bit workstations are falling by the wayside and FBSD (and by necessity PC-BSD) unfortunately has a big blow dealt against it in the 64 bit arena.

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