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Internet & Networking In what you can certainly call a surprise move, The Pirate Bay has been sold. Global Gaming Factory has announced that is has purchased the torrent search engine for 60 million Swedish Krona (7.8 million USD). They plan to build a business model around The Pirate Bay where content providers and copyright owners get compensatation.
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Are we entitled?
by iskios on Tue 30th Jun 2009 11:57 UTC
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Um, at what point do any of you see that the Movie and Record companies have a point? Are we all entitled to just get whatever we want for free? Shouldn't we be willing to pay some amount to pay the Movie and Music creators a licensing fee, maybe?

I think I get that there are a lot of odd, stupid laws and contracts out there that do not allow me, for example, to buy something made in Cuba or England or Romania because the RIAA does not have a proper contract out there or the Writers Guild doesn't get a cut, and I see where I might go out and download it because I am simply not able to buy it, but is The Dark Knight really so expensive that you can't buy it? Come on!!!

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