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OSNews, Generic OSes While traversing about the web this afternoon, I came across a rather funny subject title for a forum post. The person asked if any "normal" people use Linux, but went on to ask forgiveness for the lack of a better word than "normal." He wonders if anyone who isn't an open source, uber-geeky, stay-up-until-dawn-exploring-code fanatic actually uses Linux. Though the congregation here at OSNews is (obviously) comprised of very many of the aforementioned fanatics (in a sense; wear the title with pride), I also believe there to be many readers who are more or less "normal," for the lack of a better word, and plenty who may fall in between both spectrums of nerdiness.
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by troy.w.banther on Tue 30th Jun 2009 18:51 UTC
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My first response would be to define normal.

Normal to me is the average PC user who who sits in the center, or just left or right, in a usability study and a statistical bell curve.

There may be anomalies which pull data left or right but most people are not at the extremes.

If a person is using Windows for their daily business or private entertainment, then that would be considered normal for that person.

The same can be said for a BSD, Linix or OS X user.

My daily has me nose deep in three operating systems. Windows because there are some programs and databases which are Windows only. Linux and OS X are my bread and butter.

For me, this is normal.

My question to a normal Windows user would be, "Is Windows worth the cost?" Is the cost of a Windows-driven PC considered normal?

Most of the people I know who have switched to Linux have required less of my time to repair their formally Windows PCs. They are formerly normal Windows users.

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