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OSNews, Generic OSes While traversing about the web this afternoon, I came across a rather funny subject title for a forum post. The person asked if any "normal" people use Linux, but went on to ask forgiveness for the lack of a better word than "normal." He wonders if anyone who isn't an open source, uber-geeky, stay-up-until-dawn-exploring-code fanatic actually uses Linux. Though the congregation here at OSNews is (obviously) comprised of very many of the aforementioned fanatics (in a sense; wear the title with pride), I also believe there to be many readers who are more or less "normal," for the lack of a better word, and plenty who may fall in between both spectrums of nerdiness.
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Am I normal
by DRIQ on Tue 30th Jun 2009 19:52 UTC
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I am married with three children. Am I normal?

My CIO is gay. Is he normal?

I use Debian and Mac OS for desktops, Solaris, SLES, Debian and FreeBSD for servers, do look after 5000 XP, 1500 Windows servers, 4 Solaris and 100 SLES at work.

Friends and family had called for help with the 2000 and XP Pro issues all the time. Thanx for the Vista, I told them that I know nothing about Vista. There you have it, I have a normal life, no longer need to go out to help them out.

Recently, I told everybody that I look after servers only, and know nothing about desktops. Guest what? I no longer need to go out to support XP and Vista, can spend the time at home with my family. When I have nothing to do, I just look at my tank of gold fish swimming. Am I normal?

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