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OSNews, Generic OSes MS-DOS is an old piece of work, a long line of operating systems dating back to the early '80s. First a stand-alone operating system, it would later work as a base for Windows, and starting with Windows 95, it became integrated with Windows and was no longer developed as a stand-alone operating system. To fill the gap the end of MS-DOS left behind, the FreeDOS project was started. Today, FreeDOS turned 15.
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RE: Too bad
by Rugxulo on Wed 1st Jul 2009 03:43 UTC in reply to "Too bad"
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too bad it does not adhere to the ms-dos command line specs.

for example, typing "dir /b /w > dump.txt" does NOT adhere to the width, files only basic info. those command line peramaters are just not in freeDOS. one of the main reasons i dont use it.

What you're referring to is the shell, and you obviously aren't using FreeCOM 0.82pl3 or 0.84-pre2 or even 4DOS. Make sure you're using the latest software (lots of old stuff floating around).

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