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Hardware, Embedded Systems Currently the fastest supercomputer in Europe, the Jugene can process one trillion operations per second, has 294,912 cores that comprise 32-bit PowerPC 450 processors at 850 MHz, has 144 terabytes of RAM, has a bandwidth of 5.1 gigabyte/second with a mere 160 nanosecond latency, and is one heck of a machine mounted on 72 racks. I wouldn't mind having one of these in my basement regardless of the power bill. For pictures and more information, read the linked article.
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RE: And of course it runs...
by Lennie on Wed 1st Jul 2009 07:57 UTC in reply to "And of course it runs..."
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Judging by what I've read about previous Blue Gene systems, it probably runs 2 operating systems, their are I/O nodes ('fileservers') and compute nodes. Only the I/O nodes run Linux (for Lustre cluster-filesystem to be precice), The compute nodes actually run something custom build by IBM for running on these kinds of clusters, but it has been made Linux API compatible for easier programming. So yes you could say it runs Suse Linux, but their probably isn't anything Suse specific in their. I presume their is actually very little 'userland' on the I/O nodes. Maybe even the uncompressed kernel would be almost as much.

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