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Mozilla & Gecko clones As was anticipated, the boys and girls at Mozilla have released the final build of Firefox 3.5 today. Firefox 3.5 - originally supposed to be 3.1 - comes with many welcome improvements, chief among which is support for HTML5 audio and video tags.
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Do either Chrome or Safari have any adblock technologies with auto-updating blacklists? If not, I consider them to be pretty much unusable, no matter how fast their javascript is.

You might want to check the "Safari Adblock" plugin (Mac only though):

Not sure if it auto-updates the blacklists but I think so.

"Pimp My Safari" has a bunch of plugins for Safari:

Still my everyday browser is Firefox. I use Privoxy chained with Squid for added speed and security/privacy. All my web connections go through them, not just the browsers.

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