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Mono Project We've had a lot of debates recently on the merits - or dangers - of Mono. We've had troubles with how Microsoft views Mono and whether or not everyone is safe using it, but we also had a public back-and-forth among Debian maintainers. During all this, Richard Stallman remained pretty mum on the issue, today he broke the silence on the FSF website.
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Oh yes, definitely it's not a good idea
by wawrzyn on Wed 1st Jul 2009 21:20 UTC
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Why Mono, if we can use colors since more than 20 years without any problems? ;-)

And I think, that we shouldn't believe too much in good intentions of corporations like Microsoft. The good side is that Novell is investing into Mono. Another one is that C# is very good language. I must say, that personally I prefer Java, although I think there are too much issues with Java desktop applications deployment. In fact, this is the reason I'm slowly moving my attention to C#. Now, if we will have Mono on our side then great... We will don't need Java, maybe, in the nearest future even on server-side web applications for enterprises. Seems there is such a chance.

But on the other side, I have a lot of sentiments to Sun Microsystems (I don't know why? Maybe because of SPARCs and Solaris?) - and I like them. Moreover, they are now acquired by Oracle, a commercial corporation to which I have a big sentiment (because of Oracle DB on which I was working a lot in one of the projects I was involved in the past). So it's not an easy decision for me to choose between C# and Java. Please also see, that Oracle will probably invest into Java (as they were investing a lot for many years before) and... We will have permanent Java/JVM vs C#/Mono war.

Same story like with the Coca-cola and Pepsi.

This can only be good for us.

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