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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Snow days are great, but generally you still have to wake up to find out if it is a snow day. [insingertech] decided to make a system to solve this problem. He made an alarm clock that would automatically de activate if school is cancelled. What a pleasant surprise it would be to just wake up and find that you had been allowed to sleep in. It is using an Arduino and a python script to control the state of the alarm based off of an online school closing announcement. You can download the software from the instructable." Via Hack-a-Day
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Redundant arduino
by jessta on Thu 2nd Jul 2009 07:53 UTC
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I brought an Arduino a few months ago and haven't been able to think of a useful project to use it for.

It's a cool project but the Arduino seems a bit redundant. Why hook the computer up to the alarm clock when the computer can just play the alarm sound?

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