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KDE Whenever I use KDE, the part I dislike the most is the rendering engine used by Konqueror, called KHTML. KHTML just doesn't render pages as smooth and as well as Gecko and the KHTML fork WebKit, up to a point where I find Konqueror unusable as a web browser. However, work is underway to replace KHTML in Konqueror with WebKit, but according to KDE developer Adam Treat, this is a futile effort: Konqueror is too KHTML API specific.
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Konqueror is much much more than a webbrowser, for better or worse, its more a shell for document viewers. It uses KIO to fetch documents and then KParts to show them in various ways. Meaning I can view a pdf in konqueror as if it were a slimmed down version of okular, the kde document viewer (pdf, dvi, etc). When you click a link to a txt file it opens the text editor/viewer part, same as an image, video, etc etc. While nice in some aspects its really an app that tries to do too much and does none of them especially well.

The best route KDE can go is to go the dolphin route, make an application, that while still highly integrated, is much more web browser centric and tries to be less of a jack of all trades like konqueror.

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