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KDE Whenever I use KDE, the part I dislike the most is the rendering engine used by Konqueror, called KHTML. KHTML just doesn't render pages as smooth and as well as Gecko and the KHTML fork WebKit, up to a point where I find Konqueror unusable as a web browser. However, work is underway to replace KHTML in Konqueror with WebKit, but according to KDE developer Adam Treat, this is a futile effort: Konqueror is too KHTML API specific.
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by DaveDavtropen on Thu 2nd Jul 2009 17:08 UTC in reply to "RE: KHTML"
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They had two vulnerabilities in WebKit that allowed that one guy to win the Pwn2Own contest two years in a row. That's a HUGE number of vulnerabilities, especially compared to historically secure platforms like Internet Explorer.

In all seriousness, the WebKit team is pretty good at applying patches that people send in, but they have very little control over Safari's release schedule, since that depends more on Safari's proprietary interface and Apple's marketing schemes.

Any open source browser effort that uses WebKit is free to perform its own security vetting.

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