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Internet & Networking We here at OSNews have taken somewhat of an interest in the new HTML5 video and audio tags, which should - some day - make embedding audio and video material into web pages as easy and straightforward as embedding images, allowing the web to finally remove the shackles of dreadful Flash video. Sadly, the problem with these new tags are the codecs; as it turns out, browser makers have not reached an agreement about what codecs to choose for video, with mostly Apple throwing a spanner in the works, and Microsoft shining in absence.
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Ogg Theora
by Tom K on Thu 2nd Jul 2009 19:37 UTC
Tom K
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*WHY* is everyone pushing a technology that is obviously inferior?

Ogg Theory has been proven, time and time again, to have lower quality per unit of data than other codecs of the same generation.

I'll take my encumbered H.264/QuickTime/whatever any day if it means a sharper, more fluid, and more vivid picture for the same amount of data transferred. If you can't afford the licenses, fair enough -- but if licensing is not the issue, and if you're choosing Ogg Theora just to keep the freetards happy, please, please stop.

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