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Internet & Networking We here at OSNews have taken somewhat of an interest in the new HTML5 video and audio tags, which should - some day - make embedding audio and video material into web pages as easy and straightforward as embedding images, allowing the web to finally remove the shackles of dreadful Flash video. Sadly, the problem with these new tags are the codecs; as it turns out, browser makers have not reached an agreement about what codecs to choose for video, with mostly Apple throwing a spanner in the works, and Microsoft shining in absence.
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Browser market lock.
by dvhh on Fri 3rd Jul 2009 03:03 UTC
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Player like firefox or opera or any decent alternative browser, can't seriously afford the licence for h264.
That leave the big wallet guy MS,Google,Apple in the race of mordern browser.
Hell I remember that neither IRC , Newsgroup gopher or www (html3/4 or xthtml ) or reading my mail do not require expensive software to be used.
I seriously don't care that much about video integration into the browser ( I hate putting all my egg in the same basket ).
And Apple is mostly protecting its investisment with mpg4 h264 as there is already a port of vlc on the iphone which, I guess, can support ogg format.

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