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X11, Window Managers "Due to now living in a KMS-enabled world, at least on the Intel and ATI side (the NVIDIA side is still slowly but surely coming via Nouveau), it's rather easy to get the X Server running without any special rights. Intel's Jesse Barnes explains on the X.Org mailing list that only a small patch is needed for the X Server and then a trivial one to the Direct Rendering Manager in the kernel."
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Xorg rocks
by Mark Williamson on Fri 3rd Jul 2009 16:38 UTC
Mark Williamson
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I've heard lots of complaints about slipping release dates, features getting dropped from releases, etc. But I've got to say, the pace of change in X11 these days is highly impressive. I'm always looking forward to what's coming next ...

I was aware that e.g. OpenBSD was able to run X11 as non-root a while ago. Doubtless this new development is a more comprehensive solution but I do wonder how *BSD supported running X as a normal user process in the past ... set the mode and then permanently drop privileges, perhaps? Anybody know?

I should probably just go look it up but ... this is the lazyweb, right?

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