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Hardware, Embedded Systems Well, it really seems as if Psystar is committed to continue its business, no matter what. The company entered chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May, and many wondered if this meant the end of the clone maker and the legal case between Apple and Psystar. Well, today the clone maker announced that it is emerging from chapter 11, and while they're at it, they also introduce a new "Mac".
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2) Raise the retail price to Euro 500 or so. Kill retail sales of OSX and lose the associated margin.

What about this version:

2) Raise the retail price to Euro 500 or so. Add an upgrade SKU that sells for less, like Euro 89. Take a hit on retail sales of OSX, but then you can say that even the cheapest Mac includes Euro 500 free software.

It's already unquestionably illegal for clone makers to install upgrade copies on computers without valid full licenses, yet all Apple computer users will by definition already have full licenses to use the discounted "upgrade" pricing.

Plus the vocal Apple faithful would just eat it up.

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